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RSO CBD 1000mg 10ml | Rick Simpson Oil Holistic Blend™

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RSO is a High CBD concentrate made using alcohol as the solvent for the extraction of cannabinoids.

With easy to read graduated markings it’s easy to get the correct dosage with 100ml per 1ml.

We control the quality by formulating and manufacturing everything here in our own facility in Harrisville, West Virginia.

Each syringe comes with 10ml of RSO for a total CBD content of 1000mg.

Each 1ml=100mg.

It’s formulated with organic coconut oil to bring the extract into compliance.




Additional information

Terpene Profile/Strain

Girl Scout Cookies (Indica/Down), Grand Daddy Purp (Indica/Down), Grape Ape (Indica/Down), Blueberry (Indica/Down), Gorilla Glue #4 (Hybrid), Green Crack (Sativa/Up), Blue Dream (Sativa/Up), Pineapple Express (Sativa/Up), Lifter (Sativa/Up)