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CBD Kief 1 Gram

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CBD Kief is a collection of the frosty trichomes that fall down during the trimming and grinding process.

Coming in a super potent you get the best of the best with kief. Loaded with terpenes this kief has a strong nose, you’ll certainly want to pick up multiple grams!

The best part about kief is everything you can do with it!

To get you started a few ideas are:

-Make Moonrocks

-Crown your bowl with it. (Sprinkle it on top of your flower)

-Dust a line of it in a hemp cigarette.

-Make Hash

-Press Rosin

-Boost the potency to any flower.

-Use it straight in a bowl.


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Special Sauce 21.2%, Sour Space 26.1%, Heavy Lifter 28.6%, Suver Haze 28.3%