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32oz Trifecta Blend™ Full Spectrum 1:1 D8:CBG:CBD Tincture

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Apical Greens Trifecta Blend™ is formulated to provide a 1:1:1 dose of Delta 8, CBD, and CBG.

Our unique blend is formulated in-house to provide the maximum benefit.

Here’s how and why we do it. Our formula only has 4 ingredients to it and we gladly share our recipe with you!

1) 957mg CBG

2) 1000mg CBD

3) 822mg Delta 8

4)Organic Coconut Oil

This is the formulation that works out to one 30ml tincture.

WHY DELTA 8?: The “8” in delta-8 stands for the placement of a chemical bond, one step over from where it sits in delta-9. Its structural similarity allows it to have similar effects. However, there are key differences. It is still euphoric and stimulates appetite. It can energize or relax the consumer depending on the larger terpene and cannabinoid profile, similar to delta-9. And yes, it can induce some of the typical heady, psychoactive experience.

WHY CBG?:  CBG is known as the mother of all cannabinoids because in the cannabis plant the first cannabinoid found is CBG early in the flower stage. As the buds mature the CBG turns into the other cannabinoids such as THC, THCa, CBD, and CBDa.

CBG is rare because a farmer has to commit to pulling their crop early before the CBG converts and run the risk of having a plant that is underdeveloped with little cannabinoids if the CBG already converted to other compounds.

We won’t bore you with the details though.

CBG, when combined with other cannabinoids tends to add a “Booster Effect” to the other cannabinoids.

This is where the CBD comes in.


CBD provides many benefits. CBD encourages the body to produce more of its own endocannabinoids. CBD (and THC) work by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system, a regulatory system made up of naturally occurring cannabis-like molecules. These endocannabinoids, as they’re called, work like neurotransmitters, shuttling messages through the body to help maintain homeostasis. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC interact with the endocannabinoid system at two known receptors: CB1 and CB2.


You can increase CBD Bioavailability when coupled with a quality fat.

CBD is a fat-soluble compound, meaning it dissolves in fats and fatty oils. This breaks CBD down into smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by the body. Because of this property of CBD, one of the ways to increase bioavailability of CBD is to mix it with a high-fat oil.

Coconut Oil (technically fractionated coconut oil) Is a medium-chain triglyceride or MCT oil. This makes it a great partner with CBD and CBG. It cuts it down to make it more palatable. Pure hemp extract isn’t really edible and has a terrible taste. Also, it is so concentrated that you would only a drop or two for a dose.

So by cutting our high Delta 8/CBD/CBG extract with Coconut oil you increase bioavailability.


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