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2020 Flower 1 Pound D8 Enriched 5% Smalls

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Delta 8 THC Enriched Smalls!

Now get a Pound of your favorite strain for a thin price!

Smalls are the smaller buds that usually break apart from the bigger buds. They are still nicely trimmed and covered in trichomes! Quality product, with the same smell, taste, and effect of our full size but for a much smaller price.

Delta 8 Enriched Flower is covered with Hemp-Derived Delta 8 at 5% by dry weight. Our process is the cleanest on the market with a proprietary spray gun that uses heat to thin the Delta 8 and then using compressed air sprays it onto the CBD flower. We use NO solvents in the process! Residual Solvents Test Here (Solvents test is a combined sample of all 4 Smalls strains.)

See labs for each CBD Flower strain below. Labs reflect the CBD flower before the Delta 8 is added. Percentages reflect total cannabinoids before Delta 8 is added.

Typically, we would get the potency reports for the full finished product but stock is limited and with the Full implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill coming up soon, we wanted to get this product out to you.

CBG Stem Cell (CBG) 16.1% + 5% = 21.1% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Pineapple Express (Sativa) 20.9% + 5% = 25.9% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Grand Daddy Purp (Indica) 19.6% + 5% = 24.6% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Special Sauce (Hybrid) 20.7% + 5% = 25.7% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Hawaiian Haze (Hybrid) 18.5% + 5% = 23.5% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Heavy Lifter (Sativa) 25.3% + 5% = 30.3% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Sour Special Sauce (Hybrid) 19.8% + 5% = 24.8% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Wild & Wonderful (Indica) 18.9% + 5% = 23.9% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Super Sour Space Candy (Indica) 18.6% + 5% = 23.6% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Sour Suver Haze (Sativa) 25.9% + 5% = 30.9% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Bubba Kush (Indica) 19.36% + 5% = 24.5% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Has some shake and stems in it by nature but that’s why it’s a fat ounce at 30 grams!

Offered only in the ounce size and in a mylar bag.


Industrial Hemp is not marijuana.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Pineapple Express 20.9%, Grand Daddy Purp 19.6%, Bubba Kush 19.36%, Wild & Wonderful 18.9%, Heavy Lifter 25.3%, Special Sauce 20.7%, Hawaiian Haze 18.5%, CBG Stem Cell 16.1%, Sour Special Sauce 19.8%, Super Sour Space Candy 18.6%, Sour Suver Haze 25.9%


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