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2020 1 Pound 5% D8 Enriched Flower (Limited Quantity)

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We have now enriched our popular CBD flower with Delta 8 so you can now enjoy the effects that Delta 8 brings to the table.

Delta 8 Enriched CBD flower is sprayed with 4-5% Delta 8 and then rolled in CBG to create a more balanced cannabinoid profile.

We intentionally use slightly smaller buds so that the delta 8 has a more consistent coverage. If you had only big trophy buds, the inside would be left uncovered resulting in an inconsistent delta 8 coverage.

Our spray process uses NO solvents! 

We use a hot spray gun with just our pure Delta 8 which evenly coats the CBD flower.


We currently offer our flower sprayed with Delta 8 in three of our popular strains: Grand Daddy Purp, Wild & Wonderful, and Pineapple Express. For the lab results for each of our strains click the strain links below:

Special Sauce (Hybrid) 20.7% + 5% = 25.7% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Hawaiian Haze (Hybrid) 18.5% + 5% = 23.5% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)

Heavy Lifter (Sativa) 25.3% + 5% = 30.3% Total Cannabinoids (COA HERE)


Additional information

Bulk D8 Flower

Special Sauce 25.7 (Hybrid), Hawaiian Haze 23.5% (Hybrid), Heavy Lifter 30.3 (Sativa)


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