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Our Nursery

We are a family run business. It’s our passion, a true labor of love, let me explain. A few years ago my daughter Aubrey (who was 7 at the time) started to have a change in her behavior. She started to become obsessed with the little details of life. She would make sure her bed was made each day and that her homework was done and in her backpack and put in a special place. At first my wife and I thought that she just had “that” personality type but as things got worse she got more obsessive and compulsive about these “little things” (they weren’t so little to her) She would lash out and have very real physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks when something didn’t go her way. The awesome part about having a kid that wanted to make her own bed everyday turned into panic attacks that didn’t go away until we turned around from the school and went home so she could make her bed. She would count her homework papers constantly on the way to school. Soon her obsessions turned to things that weren’t rational. She worried about choking on things like her Barbie dolls. (I’ve never ever heard of someone choking on a Barbie doll.) One day my wife and I counted, she said she thought she was choking 168 times in one day. After talking to her doctor and him recommending very strong pharmaceuticals we looked for something better.

That’s when we found CBD. We ordered a product and I started taking it first to try it before we gave it to her. When I took CBD oil I felt a huge relief of the anxiety that I always carried around with me. After just one try of it I gave it to her too. That same day they symptoms that she was experiencing went away.

The. Same. Day.

That was years ago and she still takes it everyday. She is a totally functional little girl because of CBD. Some days we forget and if we forget too often her OCD starts to creep back into her life. So for us this is real. We specialize in dry herb because it is the most cost effective way to use CBD. It’s also pure, we know what we are getting and so do you. There aren’t any fillers or complicated labels. Just a plant and lab test results showing what is in it.

Simple as that.





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